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fear poems

Fear | A Social Justice Poem by Nichole Proctor

Oh fear, your power is great.
Your propensity for absolution through hate.
Walls crumble when you are near.
We cannot help but wonder what the other side hides,
thus enters our fear.
Those we hold in the light seem demonized at night.
Little faces, different races, quickening paces.
Our fear draws near.
Is there enough to go around?
Perhaps the lost should remain unfound.
Our children may suffer if THEY are allowed in,
we cannot tolerate THEIR sin.
Enter fear, enter doubt.
Voices in chorus – GET OUT!
They’ll bring disease, they’ll do as they please.
There’ll be nothing left, you’ll see.
Enter fear.
Shut the doors and build the wall,
Fear screams – deport them all.
Our savior, fear has saved our homes.
We are better off alone.
But what happens when the fear remains
after we have locked the chains?
Where does fear settle when darkness settles in OUR hearts?
Where, then, do we start?
Fear extinguishes the light
brings the shadows back to life.
How white is right?
Where will we turn when alone is what we’ve sown?
Where will we turn when the only beings left to fear
are the ones we see staring coldly in the mirror?

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A Swan Song for Rich Countries | A Social Justice Poem by Eva van Beek

You can build a great wall
and mount all the guards
to put up defence
in each of the seasons

however barb-wired your fortress may be
there’s always a rift for others to see

You can seal off frontiers
and block all the roads
to tighten control
at every stage

however far your borders may reach
there’s always a gate for strangers to breach

You can hedge off your acres
and set all the traps
to catch what is weird
before it’s inside

whatever land your fence may include
there’s always a chunk for clans to intrude

You can raise a high castle
and load all your guns
to aim at the souls
who just needed help

however tight your bolts come to lock
there’s always a door for migrants to knock.

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White Ass Reacts to Uncertainty | A Social Justice Poem by Arya F. Jenkins

She is frightened of the
Black man the darkness
The question the unknowing
Bigness of it lurking
Riots Hangings Violence
Don’t matter who done it
The scene unscrolls like a nightmare the eyes have seen
The glory of putting down evil
And All it represents
Black evil
White good
Good white
Evil black
For the uneducated the
World Must be simple
Must be and complications
Need to be smacked down

What do I do with
What I don’t understand?
What do I do?
What do I do with the rush of the question that makes me feel
Not curious but bad
Oddly ugly
Out of place because
I see what I am capable of becoming
I feel the trigger in my hand
I know what to do
What is my right to do
When I see a bad thing
A black thing threatening
A poor white girl like me
I shoot why I shoot
I shoot shoot.

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