Social Justice Poetry

greed poems

Redistribution | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

One guy fumes at
Giving his hard-earned money
To people who don’t deserve it,
Freeloaders leeching off the system.
He calls it an unfair
Downward redistribution of wealth,
Rewarding slackers instead of
Individuals who work hard.

Another guy considers
That you can’t create an equitable
Society out of people who are
Only looking out for themselves,
Where wealth is
Exclusively channeled upward
Instead of apportioned
For the common good.

Unthinkable | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Perhaps they don’t understand,
Or consciously refuse to,
That it doesn’t have to
Be this way.
Pillaging, plundering,
Plunging people into destitution.
A woeful, sustained onslaught,
Taking advantage of others
For profit.

Maybe they don’t realize
That there are any number of
Reasonable alternatives.
Collaboration, caring, empathy,
Leading to success, wealth,
For everyone.
Unthinkable. A philosophy based on
Mutual support, encouragement.
Brighter, more hopeful, possible.