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Five Stages of Grief Post Election 2016 | A Social Justice Poem by Heidi Seaborn

Denial: To wake up, shake off the nightmare as an illusion, a trick of the brain. I saw a brain last night in its raw form, watched a surgeon randomly slice the frontal lobe off and proclaim, “That’s how a lobotomy works.”

Anger: Pitchforks disappeared with family farms and agriculture jobs. This angry American mob sharpens its words against the whetstone of the Internet. Click. Post.

Bargaining: Let this father stay here, his children are young, He
works hard at a job no one else wants. He is a good man.

Depression: To wake up spooning the nightmare, entangled with this
dark lover who twists his tentacles around your wrists and ankles,
rolls onto your chest, punishing your breath.

Acceptance: That happened.