Social Justice Poetry

Guy Farmer

Obstacles | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

What a great idea.
In our democracy,
Let’s make it
Harder to vote
For certain people.

Erect additional obstacles,
Require photo I.D. to vote,
After all, you need
Identification for other things,
Your papers please.

Posse of stunted children
Sitting around a table,
Reinforcing each other’s
Pain, fear, anxiety,
Changing world.

Losing power,
Lash out against the powerless,
Limit their rights,
Cling to waning,
Perceived supremacy.

They Closed the Supermarket | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

They closed the
Supermarket he and his
Family shopped at,
The only one nearby,
The last vestige of
Normalcy in a strip mall
Populated by predatory
Loan places and
Thrift stores.

Now the only store left
In the neighborhood
Where they can buy food
Is the convenience store,
Where everything costs
A lot more and
Stretches their meager
Budget even more than
It already is.

People ask him why he
Doesn’t just drive to
Another store,
He politely keeps his
Response to himself,
It’s just not that easy
To drive when you don’t
Make enough money to afford
A car, insurance, or gas.

Temporary Assistance | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

She rages at people
Who receive support
To feed their children,
Keep a roof over their heads,
Remain contributing members of society
Rather than scorned pariahs,
Cast off and left to perish.
She conveniently forgets the
Many times that some person
Helped her in a time of need,
A friend, a co-worker,
A family member, someone who
Believed that she just needed
A little temporary assistance.