Social Justice Poetry

hatred poems

Doctor’s Orders | A Social Justice Poem by JD DeHart

The good doctor ordered
the bad check to be balanced,
equality to mean equality,
decades overdue.
In his cadence of preacher
speaking, with passion
and the lyrical intensity
and wisdom of a poet,
he described a future that
has arrived in some spaces
but still sadly lags in others.
Now we live in a time
when the unwise sometimes
utter our first black president
made racism worse.
Sorry, but no. If anything
the dynamic of difference
churned up and brought to life
the flames of hatred
still threatening our noble
doctrines and our definitions
of equality and humanity.
Take off your blinders,
listen to the message of the figure
you claim to follow.
Finally, with decency and full
disclosure, in every part of your
life, Love your neighbor
as you love yourself.

Inner Hollow, USA | A Social Justice Poem by G. Louis Heath

Someone is watching me, obsessed with vengeance.
I think I saw them last night. Their eyes flared bright

incandescent red with hatred for what I am. They
watch me every waking hour. I walk outside wearing

a kabuki mask of indifference riveted to my face, but
I am afraid, very afraid. My friend shows no fear. He

has journeyed deep inside himself where they cannot
reach. Only a shell of him stands before me, his words

echoing from his hollowness. I wander alone in a daze,
haunted by his emptiness, full of nothingness. He is a

hollow man now, full of the pain of oblivion. I remain
worth their vigilance for I am not yet hollow. I’ll be

circumspect in what I do, I mean really careful. I’ll stay
not yet hollow, never as hollow as the actually hollow.