Social Justice Poetry

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Hearts of Our Times | A Social Justice Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

They said in their grandfathers’ days
there were no restrictions on anything
if they wanted to go anywhere
they could go alone and in great
and friendly company of men who were not
crooked or cheats
and thus the trips turned out to be
for enjoyment and health
and happiness that could grow
without bounds with the promise
of increasing health and happiness
on all trips that were set to follow
and they had then the scope for more trips
and still more till the company grew stronger
and life in simple ways drew longer
till they now realise and say
if there would be a way to return
to their grandfathers’ days of a simple life
of health and heart and happiness
when today ways to maximise the same
are more and sure that somehow
we could shun bitter and bad ways of
rotting and foul-smelling hearts
that in crookedness breeds hatred
and jealousy and meanness
making civilisation a thing to
question and discard with ease.

Lows | A Social Justice Poem by JD DeHart

Don’t be brought low,
rise. Remember you have
purpose. Your voice
is one of billions but it’s
still a voice that matters.
Don’t let anyone tell you
that your place in life
brings you low. That your
skin or culture brings
you low. Tell them your
story – proudly.
Existence precedes recognition.
A diamond still lives
in the earth even if no one
knows to dig it out.
Be the diamond you are,
sharp or loving edges,
glistening or rough.

One Day | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

When he heard the words,
He wondered what else he
Could possibly do
To make this type of
Treatment end.

He had worked impossibly
Hard to rewrite his biography,
Surmounting poverty and disadvantage
To become a respected

He yearned for a day when he
Could walk down the street
Without being eyed with suspicion,
Shunned because of
His physical appearance.

One day his grandchildren
Would wake up
In a world transformed
By empathy and