Social Justice Poetry

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Concocted | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

He’s concocted a story about
Being passed up for
A promotion due to some kind of
Supposedly unfair quota.
Diseased ego deflated —
Hurt feelings —
Perceived loss of face.
Rather than bounce back,
He takes it as a personal slight and
Mounts an ever-growing campaign of
Vitriolic vituperations and
Dramatic diatribes against his
Alleged oppressor,
Ignorant privilege flailing.
He affirms that he’ll never stop
Taking action against the
Nefarious system that bestowed
The spoils upon someone else.

Polopony | A Social Justice Poem by G. Louis Heath

Polopony is a neologism, a combination form, eschewer
of the hyphen, representing a goodly degree of gravitas,

and a certain tactical mobility, to quarter opponents in a
scenario of back-and-forth. Overall, it is the strategic

mindset of first-strike and response, big-helmeted egos
of national powers fighting existentially over the land.

They rely on their doctrine of polopony to defend their
turf and invade the enemy’s with armed force swung from

one side with main strength. It all begins when they parade
their polo ponies from their stalls for the contest soon to follow.