Social Justice Poetry

Karlo Sevilla

The Beautiful Presidential Granddaughter | A Social Justice Poem by Karlo Sevilla

Last September, she lit up social media with her fashionista photos:

Beautiful in black ensemble, grey Celine mini.
Beautiful in Gucci Ace embroidered sneakers.
Beautiful wearing Chanel quilted ballerina flats.

This December, Malacañang Palace is aglow with her pre-debut shoot:

Beautiful floating on the train of her red gown.
Beautiful in another of cream leaves.
Beautiful in a floral printed dress.

Come January, at her debut, I wonder if her grandfather will repeat the following:

“Those who were raped in the past, were really beautiful.
Worth going to jail for, worth dying for.”

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On December 14, 2017, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s granddaughter held her pre-debut photo shoot inside Malacañang Palace. Five days later, in a speech, the president compared rapists then and now. I directly quoted the actual statement, as the last two lines of the poem. (The penultimate line I translated from Tagalog: “Yung mga nirerape noon, talagang magaganda.”)