Social Justice Poetry

lack of compassion poems

Temporary Assistance | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

She rages at people
Who receive support
To feed their children,
Keep a roof over their heads,
Remain contributing members of society
Rather than scorned pariahs,
Cast off and left to perish.
She conveniently forgets the
Many times that some person
Helped her in a time of need,
A friend, a co-worker,
A family member, someone who
Believed that she just needed
A little temporary assistance.

Growth | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Obsessively feeding
At the expense of
Consumers, people,
Decency, everything.
Promise ever-increasing returns,
Keep earnings artificially high,
Nothing else matters.
Metastasizing abnormal growth,
Never content with enough.
A world gutted by a
Pathological need for
Wealth and status,
Nourishing the few
Who can buy shares and
Their pushers.
Illusions vanish,
Leeches abscond.

Dog-Eat-Dog | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

It’s been this way
For so long that they
Don’t even think twice
About what happens to
The people they
Offhandedly discard.

Try to talk to them
About fairness or
Compassion, they’ll
Proclaim it’s a dog-eat-dog
World and you have to
Fight for what’s yours.

A profane melee over
Material wealth and
Superficial status,
Someone always loses –
Left in ruin while
Nobody sheds a tear.