Social Justice Poetry

lack of self-awareness poems

On Display | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Arms crossed,
Scrunched face,
Pouty lip,
Poor little tycoon
Sulks theatrically,
Explodes indignantly,
Threatens to withhold
Contrived largesse,
A normally selfless gesture
Becomes just another
Bargaining chip.
It’s all fine and dandy
When you can do it
Without being discovered,
But quite another when
Your modus operandi and
Shriveled heart
Are starkly on display,
Then you have to face
What kind of person
You’ve become,
It still doesn’t matter,
You’ve been through it before,
It’s how you got here.

An Earnest Conversation with a Relative | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

She tries to have an earnest
Conversation with a relative
About why war is necessary
When there are so many other
Peaceful options available.

She shares her perspective that,
Along with the desire to
Destroy one another,
Humans possess an equal or greater
Capacity for altruism and love.

Appealing to his sense of decency,
Which she’s seen many times,
She plaintively beseeches him to
Clarify why he thinks problems
Need to be solved with violence.

No answers are forthcoming,
She finds out these things aren’t
About logic or fact,
Just a reflection of the
Torment in people’s hearts.

Why We Hurt Each Other | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

He has no interest in
Why we hurt each other
Because that would mean
Having to relive the
Terrifying memories that
Take up so much space
Inside him and never
Permit a moment’s peace.
He’s chosen instead to
Project his pain onto
Others, to make them the
Object of his fear and
Brokenness, subdue them
So he might feel a moment’s
Respite from the turmoil,
Instead of getting help and
Learning how to love again.