Social Justice Poetry

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A Study in Greed | A Social Justice Poem by Donal Mahoney

For years Willie has saved his money,
investing it in stocks and bonds,
waiting to sit in his recliner
each quarter with a martini
reviewing his profits.
They often warrant
another martini.

But when the market drops
Willie loses money
and has to tell his wife
they’ll get it back again
when the market goes up.

But a tornado recently
curled into his life and
Willie had to sell most
of his stocks and bonds
to repair the havoc.

He’s very disturbed
about the debacle now
but more so when his wife
sipping a cup of tea
says imagine what it’s like
to have no money and a
tragedy like ours occurs.

Nibbling on a macaroon
she tells Willie thousands
of people all over the world
live with no money every day,
some of them in huts
with no running water.
Then she asks Willie if they
have enough money
to buy that new car.


War Feasts Forever | A Social Justice Poem by Donal Mahoney

A refugee from another country tells me
people thrive on proving their beliefs
more than understanding one another.

They will let a stereotype fall on others
like a cheap dress as long as it fits
the image of someone they’ve created.

People are more dangerous when their rules
are more important than their values, he says.
Belief is like water and must be transparent.

If people accept those who are different,
everyone sits down to a banquet of peace.
Otherwise war feasts forever.

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