Social Justice Poetry

Langley Shazor

Emancipation | A Social Justice Poem by Langley Shazor

To whom it may concern
I tender my resignation
I will no longer fetch
For though lashings
Have lessened canines
There is still bite
In this old dog
My shoes are hard
And I shall dance for you
No longer
Whispers in the dark
Will gain decibels in the light
Your failed attempts
To cut my tongue
Has only removed
All the “yessahs” and “massuhs” from my vocabulary
My fate is my own
Stained posts
Bearing fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, sisters, brothers
On the verge of collapse
From the weight of injustice
Rope-worn limbs buckle
As I make my last knot
And exit these killing fields

Involuntary Exodus | A Social Justice Poem by Langley Shazor

Moved in thousands
Hordes herded
Mothers from daughters
Fathers from sons
Husbands from wives
Some seeing one another for the last time
Others later reunited
At this moment, neither was certain
Crowded vessels
Where so many sojourn
This final destination
No promised land
Milk and honey, there was not
But flowing nonetheless
A mass influx
Guided under a guise
No rest for the weary

Wishful | A Social Justice Poem by Langley Shazor

Where are we?
In this place
This space
This life
This existence
Do we stand to be snuffed out
By our own well-doing
Or does doing well
Bring us life?
Does it matter to those
Who don’t mind
Or to those whose mind
Only matters in ways
Of self-righteousness?
Can we find ourselves
Free ourselves
Love ourselves
That we may love others?
This is hope
This is faith
This is what we strive for
Or are we merely dreaming?