Social Justice Poetry

Lee Anne G. Hall

Conflict and Participation | A Social Justice Poem by Lee Anne G. Hall

Conflict requires participation.
Its unfolding depends on
what you’re holding: 

wits or weapons.
One leads to resolution,
the other to escalation.
One leads to conversation,
the other to combat.
One leads to explanations,
the other to hostility.
Don’t battle when you can barter.
Bring your trade bead abacus 

And show the true accounting 

Of possibility and peace.

Tumult or Truth: Incite-ful Media | A Social Justice Poem by Lee Anne G. Hall

Inciting tumult of our own
Senseless scrambling, senseless drone
Of society set to a frequency
By an underhanded licensee

Mocking, cackling, fed by fables

Imbalanced bounteous and empty tables

A widening gap between what they see

And what is the reality

So busy with their frantic crawl

Confusing ignorance for gall 
Failing to see they’re being used

To further abuse the abused

Some spout false rhetoric of fairness
Conjured from their unawareness
The luring, dark spellbinders’ hiss
Slickly convincing them of this

But better hearts seek better days
Once lifted from the writhing frays
Of eye for eye, tooth for tooth
When we decide to search the truth