Social Justice Poetry

Linda Kennedy

American Pastoral: Barn with Flag on a Rural Road in Virginia | A Social Justice Poem by Linda Kennedy

For months the same: weathered gray, all of its doors flung open—
a shelter announcing a pregnant vacancy, a standing invitation
to passers-by. Today, driving towards it, it poses anew,
sits atop its own shadow. All doors are shut, can’t be jimmied.
Crows gather, attempt to blanket the whitewash climbing
the barn’s face. Braking, I roll down the window.
A Rebel flag agitates atop a pole jacked up in redneck myth,
white Klan, and blue Southern bloodlines, blusters propaganda.
I look away from colors which never cease bleeding
through from the past. Time to drive past this indenture.
The flag curls its lip, cracks and snaps at my back. My flesh shivers.