Social Justice Poetry

living in harmony poems

Peace Is Not Possible | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

You can tell me that
Peace is not possible,
But I know otherwise,
Because, every single day,
I see people loving each other,
Co-existing harmoniously,
Giving up self to help
A stranger in need,
Someone other than them who
Might benefit from a
Word of kindness,
A gesture of solidarity.
So, if peace is not possible,
I say that’s most likely
Only inside you,
A reality, thankfully,
That can be changed today
Should you so desire.

Evening News | A Social Justice Poem by J.K. Durick

Nothing happened today worth mentioning
No bombs, no bullets, no speeches staking
Out our space or theirs, no twisted logic to
Justify our actions, in fact, today the world
Slept late, went to the beach and made a day
Of it, sat in the sand and watched children play
Felt the sun and the slight breeze, hummed
A tune caught in its head, felt joy, and wholeness
Why, it was quiet enough to hear ourselves think
Hear ourselves ask why everyday isn’t this way.

Live in Harmony | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Each of us can
Love more than hate,
Help one another more
Than compete, understand
Rather than become enraged,
Yet we ignore these gifts.

The only creature that
Can shape its own mind
Repeatedly dooms itself
To self-annihilation by
Not healing its
Unresolved hurts.

It remains not just a dream
To build a world where
We care for one another,
Celebrate our commonalities,
Exercise our innate ability to
Live in harmony.