Social Justice Poetry

love poems

Humpback | A Social Justice Poem by Allison Grayhurst

I give this flower,
these historic eyes
to the Atlantic whale, who will perform
for me a symphony of genius. Hungry, we will
rob one another of mistrust,
caress each other’s hairless skin,
holding things that gravity cannot forsake.
Once safe in the ocean’s dune,
we will open our eyes, our mouths,
swallowing moonlight like pirates
from a ship.
Together through
the salted plasma we will swim and hope
for the violence born by medieval fear,
promoted by division
and encouraged by judgement
to be terminated by an acknowledgment
of identical love
(which is not an accident).
Tenderly we will axe the human prejudice;
and the child and calf, rubbing wing and arm
will know the blessing of a marvelous unity,
which has been concealed to the point
of near extinction.

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Born out of Cause | A Social Justice Poem by JD DeHart

We are the splintering
of a dictator’s hammer,
the sign held high
in peaceful protest.
We are the line drawn
and the word No
when it needs to be
spoken, check and mate
along with check
and balance. We are
the ancient writ
and the common tongue.
We are Reason and Kindness
and Wisdom when all else
dissolves, pointing back
to history, indicating
the nature of our souls,
whispering: Learn, Grow,
and most of all Love.

Old News | A Social Justice Poem by Joan Leotta

Tonight’s the debate –
a news event?
My mind instead will take a rest,
concentrating on the good, the best
of what I’ve
seen and heard
over weeks past
bits of news
stuck in my mind
of people trying to be kind.
This old news is
what I hope will repeat
in weeks, months,
in future years –
rescues from wrecked
cars, earthquakes, floods
I hope these bits of old,
accumulated goodness
will overtop the rocky
shore of acrimony
in a tidal wave of love.

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