Social Justice Poetry

manipulation poems

Puppet Master of Hate | A Social Justice Poem by G. Louis Heath

He pulls the strings of hate, lives in the forest
In a shotgun cabin without a pillow for love.

He pays out twine, marinated in poison, as into
The Minotaur’s maze, to numb minds below.

He knows how to tangle viperous string into
Cortical realms, neurons fizzing to be strung.

His power fomented from the upcountry baffles
Pundits, his legerdemain refreshing poison in

Marionette skulls unseen. At last he throws his
Hands up in victory, “Look Mom! No strings!”

Whitehouse Wizards | A Social Justice Poem by Langley Shazor

Magicians weave spellbinding tales
Captivating onlookers
Shifting perspectives
Mesmerizing our eyes while holding our breath
This sleight of hand
Grants us permission to assume we have it solved
All the while
Moving us in the opposite direction
These sorcerers keep us confused
With mythically mystical abilities
We are held prisoner under their trance
Confined to a reality they create
Our lifeless avatars
Sway with the wave of a palm
The truth is never revealed
Such proper illusionists