Social Justice Poetry

Mary Anne Zammit

The Sea | A Social Justice Poem by Mary Anne Zammit

When I open my eyes

Waking up from my dreams.
I felt shocked,
to learn that men have not changed.
That war is still man’s struggle.
Everywhere, around me.

When I opened my eyes,
I only saw women suffering, children misplaced.
In a world where equality and Justice are forgotten words.
So, I closed my eyes and returned to my dreams.
Yes, I still dream that man is compassionate and that one day he will be open to the light.
To peace.
Then, I would open my eyes.

I like to paint the sea,
And write a poem for its beauty,
its moods fascinate me, high, low, loving, destructive.

Still, when I look at the sea,
I see other waves, the countless souls of immigrants perished in sea.
Women, men, children and so I do not feel like painting it.
How I long to embrace the waves hoping to put an end to this ongoing tragedy.

The sea and all the souls behind it.