Social Justice Poetry

Matt Alexander

The End of Sexism | A Social Justice Poem by Matt Alexander

Oscillating randomly around any true signal
Buzzes all kinds of noise

White, Pink, Brown, Black, Shot, Poisson, Normal, Phase, Transient
Temporary flares awaiting mean reversion

So to equate an unrepresentative spike
With a bona fide increase

And dub an anecdote
The new status quo

Is the mistake of an amateur
Fool or fraud with ulterior motives

Like when after the election of our first black president
Some claimed that racism had come to an end

“We have reached the top!
Now let us dispense with this pesky climbing gear.”

Only to have it roar back — broad swaths of people
Discounted wholesale

For their language’s
Word for God

Skin color
Or parent’s birthplace

— in its ugliest form
With a fool’s gold face of Orange noise

So now that we have a woman similarly poised
Brace yourselves

For similarly false grand claims: “Full Gender Equality
Followed by

(Even more) misogyny
Hysterical, shrill, and overly emotional itself

And yet one hopes against hope
These victories are not outliers but indeed indicative —

Hope: echoes of that word reverberate manifold from bygone cycles
Transmogrifying the ‘o’ to an ‘a’ and the ‘p’ to a ‘t’
these melancholy days —

Of real progress, though the ever-increasing standard deviation makes
All but impossible to reach

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