Social Justice Poetry

misinforming the public poems

His Town | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

His town isn’t like
It used to be,
Main street was always
Bustling with people
Living their lives,
Sharing some conversation
About the weather or something
Going on at the mine.
He walks down tattered streets,
Boarded windows announcing
The memory of former tenants,
An occasional dour face averting
His gaze, nothing to do
Down here anymore and
Nobody who cares about any of it.
Jaw clenching, he vows to force
Someone to listen by voting for
The same people who did this.

Calling Card | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

They’re trying to explain
Why we should care for one another
But this one guy sabotages
The conversation, forcefully
Interjecting unsubstantial,
Loud-mouthed carnival-barker-like
Falsehoods based on some strange
Utopian fantasy where
Giant corporations provide for
Everyone and human beings
Magically prosper in spite of
Massive obstacles and
Rampant selfishness;
What the guy never mentions is
His persistent fear that
One day he’ll lose everything,
Scarcity his calling card.

False Equivalence | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

They say they’re all the same.
Throw them all out,
They’re all on the take,
Except that some of them
Want everyone to be
Treated with compassion and
Others don’t.
Some want to help the
Poor succeed and
Others don’t.
Some want to level
The playing field and
Others don’t.
Some want everyone
To have access to health care and
Others don’t.
Some want equal rights for all and
Others don’t.
A cursory look reveals
Both sides aren’t the same
At all, but the trope lives on,
Just as those who benefit
From false equivalence and
Confusion want it to.