Social Justice Poetry

oppression poems

Like Dreams I Shouldn’t Live With | A Social Justice Poem by Martine V. Clarke

I’m contemplating the effects of these memories
the effects of these sounds and situations forever surrounding me.

I’m considering the boundaries and borders encircling my brain,
burdens as bombs exploding in the midst of my mind,
systems stifling my sanity
stealing every semblance of my common senses.

I’m sitting in the middle of my own silence
contemplating emancipation,
searching for a freedom that no society could present
longing for real liberty and a perpetually distant paradise.

I’m drowning again in useless memories
and a barrage of the irrelevant and unnecessary,
still searching for a freedom that I may never find,
devoured by a dream that I shouldn’t live with,
dwelling in an existence that I shouldn’t try to define…

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Market Survey | A Social Justice Poem by Ankita Anand

The rich write books
About how they got out of their rags
And that’s fair enough.
But is there a market
For other stories of miracle?
Stories by those who have the remains of the day
And yet remain.
Of those who live a little above, below, around the lines of poverty–
Measured and cut out for them by others
At a table with chairs made by, not for, them–
And yet manage to have lives.
Can that blurb produce a wow,
Inspire the reader to pick up the book?
Or do we predict more of a shrug, because the story is ordinary, because “they’re used to it”?

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