Social Justice Poetry

partisanship poems

Easy Peasy | A Social Justice Poem by Cattail Jester

Thought it would be easy
to be in charge of all this
It’s not easy to be human,
not easy to bracket your
agenda, to act in humility
when the world offers you
power and goods.
But I’ve seen it done, not
so long ago, for eight years.
Enough saber-rattling, enough
pushing and shoving, enough
supremacy talk.
It’s time to smarten up.
Time to approach this job
with eyes to both sides
of the aisle, and eyes to what
all of us offer.
Do your work wisely and well.

Closing the Door | A Social Justice Poem by J.K. Durick

A door when it closes makes a noise –
slammed, of course, it’s loud enough
to rattle windows, if shut more slowly
more subtly it’s an almost silent click.

If it’s a literal door and you see it close
from the outside, you would be tempted
to knock or ring the bell, but the more
figurative kind are harder to deal with.

When these doors close, through opinion,
through executive order, or a vote along
party lines, the closing is harder on those
on the outside, you would be tempted too,

tempted to talk, but out here you are alone
even in a crowd you are alone, closed doors
do that, they fill up space in your thinking,
a blank wall, a blank face, an answering silence.