Social Justice Poetry

peace poems

Memory and Meaning | A Social Justice Poem by G. Louis Heath

Who wants to be remembered? Many do, of course.
We cut slabs of granite, erect megaliths over their

Last remains to beckon the living to memory. Or
They endow a scholarship in their name, hoping the

Youngster will carry forth their glory. Remember
Me is a mantra of mankind. No one seeks to live

For naught. The millions who died in war, civilians
And soldiers, many remains unfound, suffered the

Ultimate sacrifice. They all want a niche in memory.
Yet, without identifiable remains, where do we erect

A stone and who will pay for an eponymous scholarship
Or maybe a mnemonic building on a campus? Who will

Make the sacrifice in even small measure to remember
And hallow their demise? Perhaps they need not so much

Memory as meaning. We can realize that for them in a
Massive campaign for peace. We owe their memory that.

Ceasefire | A Social Justice Poem by G. Louis Heath

Ghosts of the past descend upon
today, machicolating glowing fury

upon the diurnal cavalcade. Beneath
serried corbels in the Jerusalem stone

parapet, humanity in camo queues at
the burning road, makes ready to dance

with fire. Of a sudden, a sanguine bugle
throbs the air: Stand down, ceasefire!

Out of thin air, that is not really so thin,
but is beckoned by the better angels of

our nature, mankind has gathered dire
strength to face down what haunts us.

Collaboration and Peace | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

It’s not so difficult
For people to come together
In a spirit of
Collaboration and peace,
It just requires that we
Put aside the need to
Feel superior to some other
Person or group,
Label them as other so
We can push them aside,
Project our inner wounds on them,
Take advantage of them
For personal gain.
Getting along with others
Is possible, countless people
Co-exist in harmony every day,
We’re wired to be social,
Now all we need to do is
Heal the individuals who
Promote the mistaken notion
That we’re somehow different
From one another and always
Have to be in conflict.