Social Justice Poetry

poems about divisiveness

Our Oleander | A Social Justice Poem by Dale Champlin

—all this hatred

For you: Oleander, poisonous leader,
all the clutter of your deranged mind
twittering, littering the internet
mindless of kindness—stockpiling rocks of hatred
ignorant of the past, of beauty, of knowledge,
misogynist, philanderer. Stone in darkness
under the thunder of propellers
deaf to the chunka-chunka of war
inured to songs of unrelieved cacophony,
worshiper of shallow thought and greed.
We are your glass house
while you throw stone after stone.
We shatter but some will pick up your stones
and throw from the inside.
You cower stone-hearted in your stockpile
Your orange seed follicles scatter clamor,
discord, dissonance, and uproar.
What place means love to you?
Where is your kindness?
Have you forgotten,
or did you never know?