Social Justice Poetry

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Disasters | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

As disasters both
Natural and man-made
Tear at the landscape,
One wonders whether
They still adhere to their
Premise that charities can
Take care of everything,
Even though it’s nonsensical to
Believe that people would give
Billions upon billions,
Over and over,
To help those ravaged by misfortune,
But there’s no way to
Talk them out of their misguided
Fantasies rooted in pessimistic
Dogma rather than reality.

We’re the Ones | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

We’re the ones who wouldn’t
Pay taxes to support schools,
Who fought to deny
Medical care to millions,
Applauded as money was
Taken from working families and
Channeled to the wealthy,
Cheered when corporations became people,
Laughed as the planet overheated.
We’re the ones who self-righteously
Imposed our beliefs on others,
Encouraged discrimination,
Vilified anyone who didn’t agree with us,
Mocked vulnerable groups.
We’re the ones who
Voted in insurrectionists who
Broke the government and
Eroded democracy,
We sat in our castles,
Hoarding our gold,
Looked the other way
When everyone needed help,
Scoffed at the idea that we’re
All in this together.
They say you’re supposed to
Leave the world a little better
Than when you found it,
We didn’t.

A Tin Cup Playing Mozart | A Social Justice Poem by Donal Mahoney

Two men running for office
disagree about everything
but have one thing in common.
They won’t release
their tax returns.

The press is upset but
the man on the corner
with a tin cup playing Mozart
on his violin doesn’t care.
He has a sign that reads
“Will work for food.”

Instead of asking
candidates about their taxes
perhaps they should be asked
how much they give to
the poor who don’t count
like the man on the corner
with a tin cup playing Mozart.

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