Social Justice Poetry

power poems

4th Lesson | A Social Justice Poem by Langley Shazor

When greatness fails
Is it apologetic?
Does it look back on those it scorned?
Seeking to raise them from the ashes?
Lend me your ear
Lend a helping hand
Does it have a shred of empathy?
Or does it march over skeletons
Crushing skulls and dreams
Beneath boots of arrogance
Destroying ideals
Destroying hope
What drumbeat is this?
The drums of battle cries
Sticks and stones
Spears, arrows, catapults
Pierce pure hearts
On bended knees we are knighted
To do whose will?
Without standing on the shores of humility
When the wall comes crumbling
And injustice wrapped full circle
Was there ever anything truly great?

Titans | A Social Justice Poem by Langley Shazor

The weight of the world
Is heavy upon Atlas’s shoulders
We should thank Zeus
That such a burden assigned
To one of immeasurable strength
With great power,
Comes great responsibility
Like these
Resting is not an option
We have shown
We cannot control
Nor contain
In all our greatness
Unable to support
That which we are
Lighten the load
Even gods become weary
In welldoing