Social Justice Poetry

rationalizing oppression poems

Rationalization | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Perhaps it’s the
Repetition of ideas,
Labeled as common sense,
Rehashed and regurgitated
Way too many times,
Losing their original sting,
The memory of stern faces
Telling them what to believe,
The inability to bounce back
From the continuous onslaught,
The required rationalization
Of reprehensible positions,
That leads them to conclude
And say out loud,
Without a second thought,
That some people merit
Unconditional derision,
Exclusion, punishment.

You Don’t Get That | A Social Justice Poem by Tara Lynn Hawk

Your own street number, front door, gate, garden
View of something other than piled trash, dark alley
A sanctuary, a nest, a home
You don’t get that
Room to stretch out, companionship of a cat
Freedom from fear at 2 a.m.
You don’t get that
You are here to cook our burgers, clean our floors
Shelve our groceries
We need you in a constant state of want and desire
It’s good for you, gives you something to aspire to
Work harder, be thrifty, do not drink
You should’ve stayed in school
Should’ve never fallen in love, had that baby
Dared to dream
Should’ve listened, done what you were told
Maintained your subservience
It’s your own damn fault, because now
You don’t get that

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