Social Justice Poetry

religious intolerance poems

The Possibility | A Social Justice Poem by Alexandre Bartolo

Imagine the sparkling possibility
that women could have a mammogram, or
a gynecologist test them for the possibility
of cervical cancer developed after a
an XY being has pressed them to do
anything without proper protection.
Imagine this possibility tripled,
without some man of faith blowing up a
women’s health clinic because they only perform abortions,
and the doctors mix the fetuses with cola and then we buy soda.
Imagine now the remote powerful possibility of
living without any human interfering in their
ability to choose.
Imagine, please, the possibility.

Donald Trump Congratulates Himself on the Crucifixion of Jesus | A Social Justice Poem by Catherine B. Krause

I got up from the bench
I was sleeping on in DuPont Circle,
cleaned up, bought new makeup and new clothes,
grew breasts, endured attacks
by conspiracies of friends and strangers,
and walked back to the circle
where there were half-naked people,
corporate sponsors, and a bigoted preacher screaming,
“You abominations should be ashamed of yourselves!”
so I lifted my shirt up and shook my new breasts
as close to his face as I could through the wall of police officers
defending his free speech instead of our right to be safe from harassment,
mocked him and heckled him, ridiculed him, laughed at his beliefs,
and then, the next day, a bigot in another city
made me want to lie back down,
but I couldn’t, because I had things to do,
people to see, and only 24 hours.