Social Justice Poetry

revolution poems

Dreams Weird and Hard | A Social Justice Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

As much insult you have
heaped upon the weak
thinking they cannot
confront you,
you in your own
weirdest of dreams
shall never have met
how more than that
in simplicity and unity
these people of the best
of spines available to the species
in the longest story of its
evolution shall return you
making you recoil in silence
to your crooked civilisation’s
smoking spinelessness.

Cleave | A Social Justice Poem by Heidi B. Morrell

By any measure, the unjustly charged
will continue to be shortchanged
and the poor guys living in damp
insect-ridden quarters
will be ripped off by continual apathy.

The sick and suffering
will be overcharged,
while humbly waiting for
a sliver of respect
from the medical profit machine
that is health care here.

The divide between the gilded haves
and those destitute
will remain
to forcefully cleave society
until those with nothing else
but hope rise up.

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