Social Justice Poetry

ripping off consumers poems

Minimum Balance | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Deposit your hard-earned
Money with us,
We’ll take care of you.

By the way,
There’s a minimum balance
Required to keep your account open.

There’s a fee
If you dip below the balance
At any time, for any reason.

We should mention that
There’s a charge
For using your debit card.

Oh, there’s also a
Fee if you use the ATM
More than a couple of times.

Rest assured, we’ll make sure to wait
To deposit your funds to increase
The chance of overdrafts.

We love to charge you
To use your money
To enrich ourselves.

Thank you for
Banking with us,
We appreciate your business.

Sometime | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Sometime in the early 2000s
Corporations get the memo
That they can do whatever
They want: reduce the size of
Products and charge more for them,
Make everything cheaper so
It will break sooner,
Provide less and worse service,
Consolidate into monopolies,
Price exorbitantly,
Cater only to shareholders,
And nobody will do anything
About it, a methodical bleeding of
A shrinking middle class and
Growing swathes of
Human beings in poverty,
A new accepted cruelty.