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Searching for Presidential Biographies Christmas Coming | A Social Justice Poem by Gil Hoy

Looking for a Christmas present for my son.
He wants to be a politician.

Not the merriest of Christmases
nor the happiest of New Years
for politics in America.

Abraham Lincoln is neatly
standing next to Teddy Roosevelt
at our local bookstore

With best-selling volumes
of FDR and Washington
stacked comfortably nearby.

With another somewhat dusty
book sitting far to the right

On another shelf in the non-fiction
biography section titled
“Donald Trump: America’s
Failing President.”

Sitting next to a few dull
panned volumes excoriating
Richard Nixon.

My son is a passionate
progressive Democrat.
He is wondering how a racist

With his money God, occupies
the White House in America
with Christmas coming?

As billionaires get tax cuts,
beggared sick lay dying
in their beds

Anti-Muslim venom spews,
gay pride flags are burning,
the NRA controls Congress.

Did our President really just
tweet that a New York
US Senator is a whore?

Did our commander in chief really say
that Rocket Man will be met with fire
and fury like the world has
never seen before?

Looking for a Christmas present for my son.
Not an easy choice to make. Perhaps FDR,
but he seems so far away.

My son wants to be a politician.
He’s a sophomore in high school
and wants to save America.
He’s always been such a good boy.

A Bit of News Not Fake | A Social Justice Poem by Donal Mahoney

An article in the paper reports
something one doesn’t see
happen in America very often.

Eighty billionaires, millionaires
and others close to that level
in New York have written to

their lawmakers and governor
asking to have their taxes raised.
They want to support schools,

build roads and bridges, and help
the poor and the homeless.
The president of the United States

is a resident of New York.
Eighty names on the list so far.
At press time his was missing.

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A Conservative Shouts No! | A Social Justice Poem by Donal Mahoney

Bill’s a conservative
upset that Meals on Wheels
and Medicaid face possible
cuts in America’s budget.

He yells to colleagues
who also have money that
we shouldn’t mess with
elderly folks who depend
on one good meal a day and
shouldn’t say no to the poor
when they need a doctor.

Making these cuts won’t make
America Great Again.
Making these cuts will make
America sadly inhumane.
Let’s break some day-old bread
with the old and poor and
revise that budget again.

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