Social Justice Poetry

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You Don’t Get That | A Social Justice Poem by Tara Lynn Hawk

Your own street number, front door, gate, garden
View of something other than piled trash, dark alley
A sanctuary, a nest, a home
You don’t get that
Room to stretch out, companionship of a cat
Freedom from fear at 2 a.m.
You don’t get that
You are here to cook our burgers, clean our floors
Shelve our groceries
We need you in a constant state of want and desire
It’s good for you, gives you something to aspire to
Work harder, be thrifty, do not drink
You should’ve stayed in school
Should’ve never fallen in love, had that baby
Dared to dream
Should’ve listened, done what you were told
Maintained your subservience
It’s your own damn fault, because now
You don’t get that

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The Selective Service System | A Social Justice Poem by R U Outavit

The Selective Service System
is a rather curious invention
of noble, but dubious intention.
It is designed, don’t you see,
to protect the citizenry (you and me),
and to safeguard our country’s liberty.
But, I am resigned to wonder, quite naturally,
how sound is the national policy
of depending on anyone who, involuntarily,
is expected to fight and die courageously
for principles of freedom and democracy
which he was forced to surrender unwillingly!
Now, who can understand that,
or agree with the wisdom of a draft –
when people become just numbers in a hat?

Embellished Fate | A Social Justice Poem by Tara Lynn Hawk

These things
They insist on referring to as
Germinated and formed in your
own mind and with
your hands
They seek to take a piece of and
tax in some medieval manner
Leaving you in turn with nothing
Leaving you to your fate
Presented to you on some gold-
colored platter
An unwanted gift from the court
of Agamemnon
Send it back

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Staring at Screens | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

They know that suffering
People are rendered much
More docile when their attention
Is diverted by keeping
Them continually entertained.

If they’re staring at screens
All day, they won’t have the
Time to look behind the curtain
And realize they’ve been
Deliberately mislead.

Compliance encouraged through
Diversion, careful redirection
Of pain and passion,
Numbing thought and activity,
Uprising neutralized.