Social Justice Poetry

social responsibility poems

These Hands | A Social Justice Poem by G. Louis Heath

THESE HANDS gripped the machetes
in Rwanda to butcher 800 thousand.

THESE HANDS poisoned and starved
millions, burned to ash in WWII ovens.

THESE HANDS launched rockets into
Aleppo, striking innocents into carrion,

spattered amid shattered concrete and
tangles of rebar, wire, and precious toys.

THESE HANDS did evil work, spewed from
the gut of Hell. They belong to killers who

claim allegiance to noble causes. No soap
can wash THESE HANDS, dirty with denial.

Titans | A Social Justice Poem by Langley Shazor

The weight of the world
Is heavy upon Atlas’s shoulders
We should thank Zeus
That such a burden assigned
To one of immeasurable strength
With great power,
Comes great responsibility
Like these
Resting is not an option
We have shown
We cannot control
Nor contain
In all our greatness
Unable to support
That which we are
Lighten the load
Even gods become weary
In welldoing