Social Justice Poetry

solving the world’s problems poems

Saving the World | A Social Justice Poem by JD DeHart

Silly me. I thought our
problems were reserved
for history books.

Time tells a different

Once I wanted to save
the world. I would simply
spin a word that would
bring joy to all.

Time proves this to be
an infinitely difficult task.

Maybe not the world
to save, but a town?
Maybe not a town, but
a street? One family?
One person? The pet
the family owns?

It’s all too difficult.
The invitations are so often
rejected. So instead of
trying to save, just trying
to be a semi-decent person
is now my goal.

One step, one time, one
second. A possibility.

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Why We Hurt Each Other | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

He has no interest in
Why we hurt each other
Because that would mean
Having to relive the
Terrifying memories that
Take up so much space
Inside him and never
Permit a moment’s peace.
He’s chosen instead to
Project his pain onto
Others, to make them the
Object of his fear and
Brokenness, subdue them
So he might feel a moment’s
Respite from the turmoil,
Instead of getting help and
Learning how to love again.

How to Solve All the World’s Problems | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

A strange bunch of
Confounded creatures we are,
Thinking only of our own needs,
Killing to amass more and
More meaningless stuff,
Smearing our inner
Hurts on each other,
Coalescing into tribes
Of beings who are just
As broken as we are.

How to solve all the
World’s problems:
Provide mental health
Services for everyone,
Starting in childhood and
Continuing regularly
Throughout adulthood,
In order to help people heal
So they are able to
Love themselves and others.