Social Justice Poetry

victimization poems

Mickey Mouse Mitten Requiem | A Social Justice Poem by G. Louis Heath

The Mickey Mouse mitten on the arid,
Lonely rise pierces the eyes. Long search

Frustrated, requited on this savannah. I
Stand in somber requiem before the Disney

Knitwear. Mickey’s plastic face on the palm
Stares wide empty eyes over a welcome smile,

Overwrought, an unctuous bridge to a magic
Castle. The sparse remains of a child’s withered

Body lay shallow in hard, bitter soil where once
Lions thrived with pride of pride and Zulus ruled.

I burn to knit the boy back to life, feed him full,
Make Mickey ecstatic. I can only step away from

These infamous bones under an impious, gray sky
And wait for sunlight on my shuttered, blue eyes.

Hunted Down | A Social Justice Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

For how many years since the first,
how many times in how many ways,
hunted down in the strangest conditions
when secured most I have always felt,
believing in companies and kinship
to my utter surprise and to my deafened wit
when there has come no proper answer
I have just learnt to wait in silence
for a just world’s voice to descend,
to hold me by hand with consolation
reassuring me that no more, and it is
no more, in the future anything the like of
the present humiliation would
be repeated ever and in great
patience since then always like now
I become silent to hear several times repeated
the same drab voices that in shame
drown my head as I feel if again
I should turn to you for help, support
or care or consolation once for sure
I know nothing like justice shall yield
in this vast blind universe of words.